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The effects of the Keto Diet on women with PCOS


The effects of the Keto Diet on women with PCOS

Dealing with polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS can adversely affect different areas of your life. Besides everything else, PCOS has a huge impact on one’s weight and more often than not, the questions that lie under this medical issue is, how does one deal with the weight gain? What is the recommended diet that can help reduce the side effects of having PCOS?


Is keto diet a thoughtful method to help manage weight gain with PCOS and other symptoms?

What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

Before getting into the answers, it is crucial to be clear about PCOS. PCOS is a commonly diagnosed health condition in women that is caused by an undisputed imbalance in the reproductive hormones. This imbalance causes trouble to one’s ovaries which produces eggs every month, and then release it during ovulation thus completing your menstrual cycle.

When you have PCOS, the ovaries do not normally develop the egg or your body does not release these eggs at the time of ovulation. The signs and symptoms of PCOS include irregular periods, excessive hair growth, severe acne on the face and oily skin surfaces, weight gain, and infertility.

Studies have shown that four out of five women with PCOS have to suffer from excessive weight gain.

How To Manage PCOS?

Although PCOS can be managed with advanced medical interventions such as the use of birth control pills, lifestyle management is the key. Whether it is about losing weight or managing other related symptoms, a change in lifestyle and discipline can help abate its side effects.

That’s exactly where the keto diet comes in as a relief. Here is everything you need to know about the keto diet and how it impacts PCOS.

Are Keto Diet Plans Beneficial for PCOS?

Women with PCOS have to deal with insulin resistance. Similar to Diabetes, their body makes insulin but is very ineffective in helping blood sugar pass through their body’s cells to supply energy.


With the help of a keto diet, you not only lose weight but also regulate your menstrual period. Moreover, this lifestyle also helps manage cholesterol levels and relieves symptoms such as excessive hair growth and severe acne.

Although weight loss can improve your PCOS, it is hard to measure its impact through a keto diet. A healthy diet plan and weight management are the essential keys to managing PCOS.

How Safe is Keto for PCOS?

You can begin with a keto diet on your own and see how it affects your PCOS and weight. But it is always a good idea to talk to experts in the field before jumping right onto it. Every woman with PCOS should consult with their doctors to rectify the health issues precisely.

A nutritionist can help you figure out all sorts of nutritional insufficiencies that you might be experiencing and assist you to choose the right low-carb diet plan such as a keto diet that will help meet your health goals.

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