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No-Nos for a Low-Carb Diet! Awww

No-Nos for a Low-Carb Diet! Awww

Introducing our body to isolated ingredients and stern measurements; Low-Carb Diet was recognized very well in the health industry where it anticipated the people who long for a faster way to lose weight more healthily. Come to think that it wasn’t easy for everyone to give up the cravings how much more with those yummy carbs!

I found myself asking this question, “Does this really work? Can I do this”

This Low-Carb Diet is a commitment. Like a relationship, we treat it dearly, we pay attention, we build it up into succession. Working out is one main of the elements to keep you healthy. Taking 100-120 grams per day is an obligation, and that’s the notion of this diet. You cannot just skip a day and not do it. Determination is needed. 

And YES! You can do it too with proper discipline and a healthy lifestyle.

Au contraire, there are benefits in every diet, and take note see a dietitian before taking yourself on a diet. Likewise, there’s a downside to this diet and that’s what we will talk about.

Here are the Top 5 Yummy Food that we need to avoid on a low-carb diet:


1. Cereal! Oh, Cereal?

How can we not eat cereals? It’s the easiest and fulfilling food that we can have, but if you look at the ingredient list on a cereal’s packaging, you will be surprised! Look closely! Do you see those high-carbs?

The cereal itself is a grain, which is incorporated with high carbohydrates and we don’t want that on our diet. 

The key is to making sure your cereal gives you more than just carbs is to have that protein and fiber that can fulfill your tummy in the morning. Start with Keto-Friendly cereals, it may be expensive but know this, invest in something that has a benefit to your progress to achieve that goal. Don’t forget, make sure to check the back of that carton.


2. Ohh Pasta-ayayay!

Pasta is liked by all age groups and due to its wide range of cooking techniques and its inexpensiveness. It is a staple ingredient but you need to understand that pasta is loaded with carbs.

Another yummy food to cross out on your meals is pasta. 

If you love pasta, it should be eaten in moderation at least served with fiber and nutrients such as seen in a whole grain pasta, but still in MODERATION. (blinking face)

Fact: Shirataki noodles are long, white noodles also they're a popular, low-carb alternative to pasta because they're very filling yet have few calories.


3. Bed of Bread!

I can’t live without bread! To some, it’s comfort food that comes with something like meat or sweets. But know that carbohydrates fuel our body, and it’s a primary nutrient of bread.

Too much bread might harm you, so we prefer moderation of eating it to avoid weight gain and other lifestyle-related chronic conditions.

Whole-grained bread has these naturally-occurring nutrients and is a good source of dietary fiber that can reduce such diseases that we don’t wish to have. 

Always check what you eat, how unhealthy it will be prior to the flowery presentation that can attract your eyes. It’s unhealthy not to be cautious. 


4. Our Sweet Nightmare

Ohhhhh those sweet cravings! How can we not stop eating these cookies? No, we cant and it takes so much discipline to avoid these yummy sweet crème brûlée and toasts. 

My heart yearns for these but It’s a nightmare that these products are unhealthy and do give unwanted nutrients to our bodies. 

It’s a big sacrifice for giving up the sweet moments of that food when it hit our mouths.

Sweeteners like white sugar, maple syrup, honey, and agave nectar all have almost the same carb count when measured altogether. These sweeteners also have zero nutritional value. 

When you limit the intake of carbs, it is important to choose alternative nutritious carbs rich in fiber. If you still want to add sweetness to your dishes, choose a healthier substitute that is low in carbs.


5. Chips!! Crackers!!

Our easy-to-go snacks are popular since processed food was invented. 

OPEN AND DIG IN!  That’s how easy it is but little did you know that their carb contents can add up to your daily carb intake quickly. 

Processed snacks are consumed in very large amounts within a short time. Imagine that, so this explains that you must avoid them, particularly if you are on a low-carb diet.

“Easy” is never healthy! We do take pride in our diet. Our hard work to maintain it, to control and avoid unhealthy food is just awesome to know and can be fulfilling in our soul. 

Just a Reminder

Being mindful and checking the back of your carton or food package is a responsibility and if you do that, it’s a step already to live healthily. If you really crave it, eat it moderately but you have to work hard to remove those carbohydrates and unwanted substances.

Know what your diet is for, it is for yourself, YOUR BODY, YOUR FUTURE!

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